We will not be fielding teams this spring!

We wish you the best of luck in choosing a good

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Choosing a Club


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Choosing a Club

Our philosophy at Carlsbad Juniors Volleyball Club is to make competitive volleyball another ‘facet in the jewel of life'. We believe that athletics are a critical element in the foundation of nurturing well-rounded, confident, young women. We have seen, however, that it can become all-consuming, thereby dulling, not enhancing, our youth's sparkle. Family commitments, academic excellence, involvement in the arts, inter sport cross-training, and social activities, just to name a few, are all components that we wish our children to experience and enjoy during their adolescent years. We expect, and will require, the girls to give their maximum effort during practice and competition; the pressure of results, however, falls on the shoulders of the coaches, not the players. We want competitive volleyball to add to life, not overwhelm it.